Lonely, Non-Verbal Autistic Son Asks Mom His First Question Ever–and It’s Heartbreaking

November 22, 2019 Updated: January 27, 2020

Kerry and Robert Bloch’s only child, their 21-year-old son David, would only speak when prompted and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of 4. On Oct. 30, 2019, David turned to his mother and formulated his first-ever question—a question that broke his mother’s heart.

Kerry, of Neptune Beach, Florida, took to Twitter to share the extraordinary moment. What happened next has been warming netizens’ hearts the world over after it was posted online. Thousands of people took to the social media site to comfort David and reassure him that he could consider them his friends.

Kerry’s tweet, which has since gone viral, read:

“My 21-year-old autistic son has no communication skills. Today he asked me his first question ever. It was, ‘Would someone like me?’”

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“I was flabbergasted,” Kerry later told the BBC. “That’s the first question he has ever said to me. I left the room because I had to cry. I didn’t want David to think I was upset.”

David’s mother shared the heartfelt question beside a photo of her 21-year-old son smiling, then laid her phone to one side. “I’m not very computer-literate or internet-literate,” Kerry admitted. “My phone just kept making these constant ‘ding ding ding’ noises. I checked and it was hundreds of notifications coming in.”

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People responded in droves. Many were themselves the family members of autistic children and offering support.

“My grandson is a 7-year-old, he’s autistic too,” read one response. “This year he started to speak a little. He told me he loved me. My heart soared. Today my heart soars for you. Please tell your son I would definitely like him.”

Among the responses was one very special personalized message from the Jacksonville Jaguars, David’s favorite football team. “You have a whole team that likes you and is a fan of you, David!” read the tweet, beside a video compilation featuring messages from the team’s key players.

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On Nov. 6, David even received a visit from former football star Brad Nortman and his wife, Lexi, bearing gifts for the unsuspecting fan. “Two of the nicest, most wonderful people we’ve ever met,” Kerry later tweeted. “David loves his Jaguars gear! Thank you and God bless you for caring about our son.”

As a child, David developed an immunodeficiency disorder and was home-schooled. He spent the vast majority of his time separated from his peers as a result of compromised immunity. “He wants friends badly,” Kerry explained. “I know he’s lonely and he wants friends.”

Speaking to Fox News after her tweet went viral—to date, the tweet has over 75,000 likes—Kerry explained, “[David’s] grandma lived with us for five years after her stroke. She passed a little over a year ago, so now it’s just the three of us.

“We are pretty isolated here,” Kerry continued, “and have prayed continually that David would find friends. To say that David and I are overwhelmed by the response to this simple tweet is putting it mildly.”

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Kerry assured the family’s new fanbase that she was reading every single online reply to her son. “It’ll take time,” she said, “but know that every one of you have blessed us.”

The day after David’s mom shared the heartbreaking question online, the world had the chance to see just how much the situation had transformed. Kerry posted a photo of her son smiling broadly, brandishing a handwritten sign that read, “Thank you friends for liking me.”

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As replies to Kerry’s original tweet continue to roll in thick and fast, Kerry said that she and her son still wish to thank everyone individually. “David doesn’t ever want to leave anyone out,” she said. “But it might take a while!”

Speaking to the New York Post, Kerry explained that the outpouring of love from the general public has changed her son’s outlook on life. “He came up to me last night before he went to bed and said, ‘Trust people,’” Kerry shared.

David’s first-ever question has not only restored his faith in humanity; it has also answered the lonely 21-year-old’s question beyond expectation.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Bloch