Lior Davidi’s Journey to International Success

By Maya Mizrahi
Maya Mizrahi
Maya Mizrahi
April 16, 2010 Updated: October 1, 2015

 (Guy Rahum/Design Tom Dar)
(Guy Rahum/Design Tom Dar)
After two years of intensive recording with the best musicians he could find, Israeli musician Lior Davidi debuted Carousel—a sweet, romantic record with a smooth, nostalgic quality. Since its release, Davidi has garnered international attention and acclaim and has his sights set on a U.S. tour.

The album's first single, “Free Bird,” has won major awards and competitions worldwide, including the Los Angeles Music Award for “Best international Singer-Songwriter Finalist”, “IAC” (Independent Artists Company), “Indie of the Year” award, the Cashbox Magazine charts winner, and “Songwriter Universe” finalist.

“My music,” he emphasized, “is not pop; I come from a world of jazz and soul. I’m also influenced by artists like Sting, John Mayer, Frank Sinatra, and especially the Beatles. My intention was to make this album sound like it could have been written and recorded in the 60s with a nostalgic sound but with modern equipment—the kind of music you don’t hear much today. We used instruments that fit the mood (like McCartney’s legendary Hoffman 67 bass guitar, vintage recording equipment and more).”

Ever since he was young, Lior Davidi knew that music would be his way of life.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of day I have, when I come home to my piano, it all goes away,” he said. "I remember seeing my first organ in kindergarten. I came home and told my parents that I wanted one, and as soon as they bought me one, I was hooked. I played all day, every day. I took classes but stopped after a year since I didn’t like to be told how and what to play. I waited every day after school to come home and play, and everything started from there.

“At first I composed classical music, but at age 15 I started writing complete songs with lyrics. I wasn’t interested in anything except music. I didn’t attend a lot of classes in school but participated in young talent competitions and concerts. My personal songs, however, stayed in my drawer.”

The songs started piling in the drawer until he started writing in English. “While on a trip to the States, I performed a few times spontaneously in English and got many positive responses. I’m almost sure that that experience changed my line of thought; because of it, I started writing songs in English.”

From total anonymity and much indecision, the young musician decided to follow his heart; he wanted to record an album and dreamed of international recognition.

“Despite the big cloud of uncertainty, I gathered the strength and finances, recorded some of the best musicians around and started the journey of my life.” Davidi devoted himself completely to the project and the output is a professional, high quality album that is personal, complete and true to his vision.

“I worked with my best friend and talented producer, Guy Vaingarten. Together we made all of the decisions concerning the production and choosing musicians. The album wouldn’t sound the way it does without Guy’s profound and substantial contribution. I had so much faith in the project and its potential, so I had no fears and boundaries despite the financial burden I carried. I knew it was worth it.

“The songs in the album were written within four to five months during a very busy time in my life, full of new experiences and difficulties.”

Davidi describes his project as a “journey”—a sentiment that is expressed in his music and vocals.

 “This is one of those dreams that keep you awake
This is one of those moments that I better take
Many feet on one ground, I need to prevail
Too many roads, too many sounds, and where does it end?

Lyrics from “One of Those Dreams” by Lior Davidi

Carousel is available on Lior’s official website:

Article translated by Mayan Wizman.

Maya Mizrahi
Maya Mizrahi