Korean Councilor Delighted at the ‘Fairylike Experience’ With Shen Yun

February 10, 2017

“The show struck a chord deep in my heart. I was so touched. I was in like different fairylands with the different scenes of the programs—I had a feeling that I was purified.”


“The colors, like the light green and pink, are so elegant and beautiful. The costumes in the program “Yellow Blossoms” were so so vibrant … And when these colors were coordinated with the backdrop, it was simply ethereal.”


“I am in agony with the persecution that’s happening now. There should be freedom of religion, regardless of one’s social status. To be persecuted because of one’s belief, this should not be happening in today’s society.”

“I would recommend the show to everyone—a must see in one’s lifetime, since the show brings people to a place—a dream-like world with so much beauty.”