Kitchen Treasures: Butcher Trays Aged With Family History

BY Crystal Shi TIMEJuly 4, 2018 PRINT

In the kitchen of wellness expert Jessica DeLuise, of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, her morning coffee and tea sit atop a treasured family heirloom.

What is your most treasured kitchen possession? Antique butcher deli trays. They belonged to my grandfather. He emigrated from Italy in the mid-1960s with no money or business skills. He began a very successful business in the Bronx, New York, at the Arthur Avenue Market selling beans, coffee, grains, and canned items from Italy, and he owned the store until he passed away. When I purchased and renovated our home, my mother passed the trays on to me to use in my kitchen.

What do you use them for? Currently I use one of the trays with my coffee and tea on my counter. The canisters are also from my grandfather’s store, with new pulls on the lids. Having a piece of my family history in my home and being able to use it everyday is special. It reminds me where I come from and how fortunate I am. And, most importantly, it reminds me everyday to not take the day for granted, and that I must continue to work hard and persevere.

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Jessica DeLuise, wellness expert and founder of Eat Your Way to Wellness. (Lindsey Clark)
Crystal Shi
Food Editor
Crystal Shi is the food editor for The Epoch Times. She is a journalist based in New York City.
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