‘It was a feast for the ears, for the eyes, for all the senses’

December 31, 2017

“It was tremendous. I enjoyed it so much, so glad we came. This is my daughter from Florida. We all enjoyed it, it was a treat for us. It was a Christmas present for us and we just loved it.”

“The singing, the soprano with the words, the lyrics—oh it spoke to me, it’s beautiful.”

“The message about how we’re here, we forget, we lose our way, and we have to find it.”

“I had to clench my teeth not to cry.”

“Culture is so important and it’s so wonderful that the young people are trying to bring that back to life again, their beautiful culture. It’s the oldest culture on earth you know, and the Chinese culture is a beautiful thing.”

“I’m an artist and the backdrops just blew me away, they’re beautiful.”

“It was a feast for the ears, for the eyes, for all the senses. The music, the singing, the beauty of it all, it was tremendous.”

“I had shivers all through it.”

Elaine Quinn, retired Ontario Provincial Police worker
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada
Shen Yun New York Company
December 30, 2017