‘It gave me a lot of joy and tranquillity,’ Says Dance Teacher

January 13, 2018

“I found it really touching. It gave me a lot of joy and tranquility. The peace [conveyed by the performance] reached my heart. And I appreciate all the little stories and the connection between the [ancient] culture and the current [modern-day stories]. It’s like something that travels from its origin and arrives to this day with its essence.”

“The story of love, of the young couple [in the dance titled ‘Devotion,’ in which a young woman waits 18 years for her husband to come back from war], I liked that a lot because it is the fidelity of love. It is a true love that is pure and truly committed; it’s the expression of true love.”

“[The classical Chinese dance] was magnificent. The technique was perfect. Impeccable. I don’t simply mean the technique, it is the inner world that was transmitted, the inner world of the artist.”

“[Regarding the spiritual aspects of traditional Chinese culture conveyed by the performance,] there is respect for human beings. There is respect for life, especially, and to live with love. It is the connection between man and God. That is very important. It is that connection with the Creator [expressed in the performance].”