Ippodo’s First Sencha of the Season Is Here

June 13, 2018 Updated: June 13, 2018

Green tea aficionados have anxiously been waiting for the first sencha of the season, harvested from the first flush of leaves.

Kyoto-based Ipoddo, which has been in operation since 1717, is now offering their 2018 shincha, shipped to customers within 10 days of being picked. While their regular sencha teas are more intense, this one is light and delicate, made from buds that survived winter and unfurled into life with spring’s arrival.

A first whiff reveals the very stuff that inspires poets: a fleeting fragrance, grassy and slightly sweet, that may have you reflecting on the ephemerality of the seasons and the nature of life. The liquor is smooth, and you can use the same tea leaves three times—each time is a different experience.

The shincha is sold for less than two months out of the year, until supplies run out. The 2018 shincha is expected to be available until the end of June.

From $20 for a 100-gram bag to $55 for a 255-gram tin. Shop.Ippodo-Tea.co.jp/kyoto/shopf