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Interviews Review: Don’t Miss The Must-See Drama ‘A Good Cop,’ Available on EpochTV

TIMEDecember 10, 2021


Starting Dec. 19, EpochTV will be streaming “A Good Cop,” which also premiered on NTD Cable TV, Sunday Dec. 5. The TV Show is a four part series that follows the lives of three cops at different stages of their careers and the moral dilemmas they face on a daily basis.

According to the actors and producers on set, this show has more to offer than just action and adventure. Actress Taylor Karin, who plays the role of Elizabeth Fox on the show, says the series poses the important question of what it means to be a good cop, and if it is even possible. The series highlights a variety of perspectives, from the actors themselves sharing different viewpoints and experiences, to the characters portrayed in the show.

According to writer and director David Chai, the point of view put forth in “A Good Cop” is very unique from other cop shows. “This is the show that tries to explore things in a very rational way. It’s trying to be unbiased. It doesn’t judge the characters. It doesn’t tell you how to think about it.” He says that the episodes simply allow viewers to explore the complex themes and topics, from both the personal viewpoints of the cops and families, to the cultural and political issues facing Americans today.

NTD’s New TV Drama ‘A Good Cop’ Starts Streaming Sunday, Dec. 19 [Full Episode]

Watch the full episode Here.

Producer James Orfanos says that the show also explores the issue of corruption, the various levels of hierarchy, and how the police interact with it. “What happens when, or if, people in power start to abuse that power; what are the checks that are there to control it?”

“There’s no right way to have this conversation; we just need to have it,” says actress Taylor Karin, explaining that the show reveals how policing in real life doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but is influenced by culture, politics, capital, and power.

“Everything plays into it, because ultimately, it’s not just some perfect idyllic thing. It’s human beings who are all susceptible to failures and mistakes.” She adds that the show will help viewers see both the people who really want to be good cops, and the people who want to take advantage of their positions, as well as everything in between. She says one of the great aspects of the series is that there is no good versus bad. “Everyone exists in the space in between, and I think that that is so remarkable.”

From its realistic portrayal of policing, to the relatability and depth of the characters, “A Good Cop” offers a thrilling and engaging plot that rivals the traditional cop shows of today.

Don’t miss this must-see drama, streaming on EpochTV starting Dec. 19, and currently on NTD cable TV weekly, on Sundays at 9:30 p.m. (EST).

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