Install a Tin Ceiling

BY Gene Hamilton and Katie Hamilton TIMEMarch 15, 2022 PRINT

Designers call a ceiling the “fifth wall” that can attract attention in a room. And a tin ceiling with pressed panels in an intricate pattern definitely does the trick of transforming any ordinary room to one with personality. The panels also do wonders to conceal a hodgepodge of repair patches in an old ceiling.

You’ll find 2-by-4-foot pressed metal panels sold in a variety of decorative patterns and designs. They are nailed to furring strips on the ceiling and the joints are concealed by decorative nails and cornice molding. These components are part of a ceiling system designed for installation in different size rooms and configurations.

A carpenter will charge $1,104 for material and labor to install a 180-square-foot pressed metal ceiling in a 12-foot-by-15-foot room. If you have some carpentry experience, you can buy the materials for $695, do it yourself and save 37%. Budget more for alkyd paint, which is applied before installation. You can learn more about these ceilings and find several manufacturers by typing “tin ceiling” in a search engine.

The job involves installing furring strips on the ceiling to outline the perimeter of the room, securing the panels to the strips and then concealing the edges with cornice molding. You’ll need an electric drill, a hammer, a carpenter’s level, a bevel square, a file, tin snips and, of course, a ladder.

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Pro Cost: $1,104

DIY Cost: $695

Pro time: 11.3

DIY Time: 30.0

DIY Savings: $409

Percent Saved: 37%

©2022 Gene and Katie Hamilton. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.
©2022 Gene and Katie Hamilton. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC.
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