Hang a Flat Panel TV

Hang a Flat Panel TV
The mounting device makes the TV screen a part of the wall. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Today’s new streamline flat panel TVs are designed to be suspended from a wall with a mounting device attached to a wall. The mounting device makes the TV screen a part of the wall, eliminating the need for a piece of furniture to hold it. The mounting device is a permanent installation on the wall; some designs allow the screen to swivel, rotate or be tilted for viewing. If the screen is high on the wall, the power cable from the screen can be concealed by using a cord cover to hide it.

A handyman or service contractor will charge $350 to install a 40-inch screen on a heavy-duty swiveling wall mount for a large screen. That includes labor and material. If you are handy and have carpentry tools you can buy the mounting device for $193 and install it, saving 45% for your effort. That’s assuming you have carpentry experience and that you understand the wiring and cable systems for a flat panel TV. If you have doubts about your ability to do the job, consider hiring an installer.

One option is to use the installation service offered by a retailer if you’re buying a new TV. Or go online and type “cost to install a TV wall mount near me.”

Pro Cost: $350

DIY Cost: $193

Pro time: 2 hours

DIY Time: 3 hours

DIY Savings: $157

Percent Saved: 45%

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