Importance of Family Displayed in Shen Yun Performance

March 3, 2017

“It is so great. It is an amazing show … something absolutely different from a different culture, so I like it a lot.”


[About the Chinese dance story “A Child’s Choice”] “A lot of the time we are thinking about that relationship, the close relationship between a mother and a baby and what is family, and all of those things. We see so many things that are not fair in the world.


“The baby [in the story] was taken apart from the mother; that is so hard. Actually, I am a father and I have a family and I am not with my kids, so I feel that I am separated from them. You know, father, mother, kids, family, it’s something so special. It has to be something like a close relationship, so bonded. When you are taken far from each other, and especially for those kinds of situations like war or persecution, it’s no good.”



“[The values I learned from Shen Yun are] family, peace, fraternity. I think those are the most important for me.”


“Everything is giving hope, for you, for me, for everybody. We are learning from the history and trying not to repeat all those things and to not let them happen, to stop them from happening. They are still happening everywhere I would say, but I think the human being is working against all those things all the time.”