I’m Knitting a Sweater for a Penguin, Here’s Why

March 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

My knitting skills are fairly basic, but the penguin sweater pattern provided by conservation group Penguin Foundation seems pretty simple.

So why knit a sweater for a penguin? They like the cold, right? These sweaters are for sick penguins.

The foundation is rehabilitating the birds affected by oil spills and other pollution around Phillip Island, Australia. The group had long ago put out a call to nifty knitters who could help warm some penguins in need. The group has received a wealth of woolly support. It says it no longer urgently needs sweaters to keep the penguins warm, but it continues to use the sweaters to help the penguins. 

Toy penguins are clothed in the sweaters and sold to make money for the foundation so it can continue its efforts. 

Pass this on to any knitters you know, along with this pattern guide. At the bottom of the guide, you will find the address to which knitters should send the sweaters.