Horse Breeder Helps Deliver Beautiful Foal Before Realizing the Mare’s in Labor Again

June 5, 2019 Updated: June 11, 2019

A horse breeder’s heart skipped a beat when her most prized mare, Daisy, gave birth to her first healthy foal. The breeder, Jenni Benson of Saratoga Stud in South Africa, is passionate about everything equestrian and had long been anticipating the newest arrival to the farm. However, she could never have anticipated Daisy’s eventful delivery.

In a moving video posted on YouTube, Jenni shared Daisy’s journey.

I am telling Daisy how clever she is.

Posted by Saratoga Stud on Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daisy made it seven days past her due date. Jenni and her co-worker Guy were increasingly anticipant and were waiting for that all-important call to say that Daisy was in labor. On the eve of that seventh day, the call came. The farm hand on night watch at the stables called Jenni and Guy down to assist with Daisy’s delivery, and they made it just in the nick of time. The pair helped deliver Daisy’s stunning palomino colt, which they whimsically named Don Quixote.

Daisy saying hello to her first foal, Guy is waiting to help him stand

Posted by Saratoga Stud on Saturday, February 14, 2015

The foal was a little on the small side; Daisy was a big horse. However Jenni lovingly sat with him while he took his first breaths and knew that her team could take care of him. He’d soon reach full strength and size. But all of a sudden, Jenni’s dogs began to bark, noticing something the horse expert had not. The breeder and her colleague stepped forward to make sure everything looked normal, and in doing so got the shock of their lives.

Jenni used her hands to feel Daisy and confirm her suspicions: she felt feet.

Daisy was in labor, again! But all was not well; the foal was breech. It was being born the wrong way round, and Daisy needed extra help. The laboring horse lay down to give birth to her second baby, but at that moment, the scene became chaotic. Don Quixote began to stand up for the first time, as these incredible creatures tend to do within just 30 minutes of being born. But it distracted Daisy from concentrating on her second foal.

When they were first born we couldn't believe there were two foals with one mare, we weren't sure how it was going to work.

Posted by Saratoga Stud on Saturday, February 14, 2015

Two healthy foals in one delivery is practically unheard of in horse breeding. In fact, “the statistics of having life, healthy twins is miniscule,” Jenni said. She knew that time was of the essence, but with team collaboration and Daisy’s immense effort, Duet was born in perfect health. She, too, stood within minutes, albeit needing a little help to balance! Jenni called the two new foals “our miracle.” They will be “part of Saratoga forever,” she shared, adding that neither foal would ever be sold. “They are both very happy little souls,” she said, “who have brought us such joy.”

They are so lovely together. Dino the dog helping, he is my constant shadow all the time.

Posted by Saratoga Stud on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today, Jenni shares the “Saratoga Twins'” progress on her Facebook page in a stunning photo library. Jenni proudly describes the foals as “big, strong, and healthy,” and even uploads videos of the foals’ momentous milestones. Footage of the twins’ first outing with their mother on the farm, in particular, is testament to the grace and beauty of the natural world. Even with young limbs flailing and their sense of direction not yet finely tuned, the two young foals’ first foray into the outside world is a true joy to behold.

It surely was a miraculous birth, and long may it continue to be an inspiring story!