Homemade Cookie Tip: Freeze Dough for Future Cravings

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There is nothing better than warm, melty chocolate chip cookies on any night, but especially as a pick-me-up on a weeknight after a long day working for home or trying to entertain your kids all day. Except maybe homemade cookies without having to make them from scratch. For the ultimate life hack for homemade chocolate chip cookies, a resealable zip-lock bag is the key to making dough ahead of time and stashing it in the freezer.

Whip up a classic batch of chocolate chip cookies, bake a bunch to have right away and then scoop the rest into rounded teaspoons and place them on parchment paper so they don’t stick. If you have a large enough freezer, pop the tray of unbaked cookies inside for 15 minutes, or until the dough firms up. If you have a smaller freezer (or have stocked up on your favorite frozen foods recently) try using a plate instead of the full cookie sheet.

Now, here’s where things get genius. After the balls of dough are solid enough to hold their shape, gently transfer them to a large zip-lock bag. Don’t worry about stuffing the bag. The balls should be frozen enough to not cause an issue.

Pop your bag (or bags) into the freezer for quick, homemade cookies any time a craving hits — and when it does, simply drop the rounds of dough onto a lined baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes. No need to thaw or do anything else. Voila — cookies in a flash. You can always put a new spin on your basic recipe by trying these unexpected ingredients that go great in cookies.

If you need more things you can throw in the freezer to make your weekdays easier, here’s a list of the best comfort foods to make ahead and freeze.

By Zareen Syed

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