Hollywood Actress: Shen Yun is ‘Absolutely Stunning and Really Dynamic’

April 30, 2017

“I think it is absolutely fantastic. I am so impressed with [the artists]. The performance … I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. The costume design is beautiful, and I think the way the dancers used their bodies to express the historical context of what is going on is absolutely stunning and really dynamic.”
“I was a dancer before, and so I am very accustomed to using the body and voice for expression and telling a story. I think that this particular form of storytelling is absolutely stunning and really unique and very different than the western form of storytelling. I am really impressed with it … I really enjoy getting to know the history of some of these stories.”
“The music and the orchestra is gorgeous … the last gentleman who sang, he had a gorgeous voice … The tenor … It feels like almost a universal spiritual text that he is reading from.”
“The backdrop, the video was really cool. I love how they jumped into the video and then jumped out of it. My husband really loved that. He is very technical. It expands the audience’s horizon beyond just the dancers’ bodies, and I think that is a really interesting touch. I have never seen anything like that before.”
“It is all inspirational. I find all art to be very inspirational, and so the color and the costume design and the art and the dance and their bodies and their expression in telling these stories, I find all of it very spiritual. The spiritual aspects of the stories are really interesting, too. It makes me want to go home and learn more, about what they are representing.”
“I think anytime that you have a moment in this crazy world where we are running around all the time and looking at our phones and on the computers, just to have a moment to sit in the dark with a collective of other human beings, and all be focused on one gorgeous piece of art, it is an experience that we don’t get everybody, and it is really transcendent.”
“Gorgeous costume design, and dancers using their bodies and their voices to tell us the story of ancient Chinese tradition and more recent Chinese tradition, and through traditional dance and traditional dance from different parts of the country, and I feel like there is more that will be told. I am excited to hear what is to come.”
“Absolutely, I would recommend it to my friends. I think it is an inspiring show.”