‘Hero’ UPS Driver Untangles Client’s American Flag During Memorial Day Weekend Delivery

June 25, 2020 Updated: June 25, 2020

A UPS driver made an Oklahoma customer’s Memorial Day weekend extra special when he stopped mid-delivery to untangle the American flag outside her home. The considerate, patriotic gesture was caught on the customer’s doorbell camera.

“The hero of today is my UPS driver,” homeowner Chelsie Root Ashley posted on Facebook on May 22. “My USA flag was rolled up so he stopped and fixed it before he left. Happy Memorial Weekend!”

Ashley posted her comment beside the doorbell cam footage, which shows the UPS driver delivering a package to her doorstep before taking pause beneath the American flag displayed on the front of her home. The flag had rolled up in the breeze and was no longer flowing freely.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Chelsie Root Ashley)

The driver stops in his tracks, retrieves the flag from its stand, untangles the fabric, and places it back in its original position. Before leaving, the driver straightens the flag with one last flourish of his hand.

A number of netizens left comments beside Ashley’s post; one called the driver a “true patriot,” while another commented, “It’s the little things.” Ashley later clarified that the UPS driver’s name is Trent Langley, adding that his patriotic gesture deserves ample recognition.

Speaking to Fox 23 News, Ashley explained that she noticed Langley’s handiwork after checking her doorbell camera app on her phone. “He didn’t know anyone was watching him,” she said, “but he just did it just to do it.

“I thought it was so cool what he was doing when no one was looking.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Chelsie Root Ashley)

Just weeks before Ashley’s flag-fixing UPS driver paid her home a visit, another delivery driver made headlines for a sweet gesture caught on a customer’s doorbell cam. On May 2, an Amazon delivery driver in Idaho was captured praying outside the home of a sick infant after reading a note pinned on the front door by the baby’s parents.

Raquel and Derek Pearson’s 8-month-old son, Lucas, has a congenital heart defect. The Amazon driver, later identified as Monica Salinas, read the Pearsons’ note of explanation and took a moment to bow her head in prayer for the child’s health and safety.

“I was delivering a package and I saw a message on the door explaining that the baby at home needed many things and was grateful for us delivering things,” Salinas explained, speaking to Catholic News Agency. “It touched my heart.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Chelsie Root Ashley)

“I said, ‘Dearest God, please protect this family through your precious blood, and this baby, so that he may grow to become a man,’” Salinas shared.

Raquel revealed that the cam footage brought her to tears. “My husband and I saw the video and started crying,” she said. “We were very grateful that a stranger would take time out of her very busy day to pray for our baby.”

After the moving doorbell cam clip was posted on social media, the Pearsons’ local community recognized Salinas; the driver reached out to the couple herself.

“God has always been very important in my whole life,” Salinas explained, “and I would like to let everyone know that God is good. I always tell people, every day, that God is good.”

(Courtesy of Chelsie Root Ashley)

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