Heartening to See Shen Yun’s Message of Spirituality over Materialism, Says Professor

December 30, 2017

“I think it’s extremely well done. Really enjoyed it.”

“We originally come from India, and the culture in India and China obviously go back thousands of years. And I see similarities, I see beauty, I see culture, and most important of all, the protest is in a peaceful way. It’s demanding spiritual freedom, but in a Gandhian sort of way, without guns and fighting. And they’re turning the other cheek. The police, the forces are attacking them, but they’re turning the other cheek. It’s a beautiful expression.” [Read more: Shen Yun & Traditional Chinese Culture]

“[Life is] not just materialism and consumption. Right around Christmas and New Year’s particularly, it’s heartening to watch … following the path of spirituality rather than materialism. I think that’s a solid message there.”

“I would recommend to my young daughters that they should look at life in a more global context, keep their eyes and ears open to other cultures and suffering and hardships that people face in many different parts of the world. There is a common bond. When they go through that in China, everybody feels that.”