Heartbroken Widow Looks 20 Years Younger After Radical New Look From ‘Makeover Guy’

April 5, 2021 Updated: April 5, 2021

A widow who was feeling defeated after the death of her husband was in desperate need of a new look to help restore her joie de vivre. Little did she know that she would soon leave the makeover studio looking 20 years younger.

Maggie, then 52, from Vero Beach in Florida, was left heartbroken after losing her husband. Yet she told transformation expert Christopher Hopkins, otherwise known as “The Makeover Guy,” that she felt “about 30-ish” upon entering his Minneapolis-based studio.

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(Courtesy of MAKEOVERGUY)

It was clear that she needed Hopkins’s help to claim her new lease on life.

In her pre-makeover interview in November 2019, Maggie said that the “bad” in her life was losing her husband. Her husband, she said, “was always like, ‘Ugh, you don’t take care of yourself!'”

The “good” in her life, she added through tears, was that she was a grandmother.

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(Courtesy of MAKEOVERGUY)

Hopkins disguised Maggie’s graying roots by dyeing her hair blonde, giving the heartbroken widow a completely new look. He then trimmed Maggie’s thick, healthy locks into a neat bob, and straightened it.

The makeup team created a soft smokey eye for Maggie, defined her eyebrows, and chose a warm blush and a nude, matte lipstick to finish the upgraded look.

“I never thought I would look like this!” Maggie said, catching her reflection in the mirror.

“That does not look like me at all!” she added.

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(Courtesy of MAKEOVERGUY)

From 52 to 32 in a matter of hours, Maggie said, “I look like my daughter,” before revealing she never believed the makeover team would transform her salt-and-pepper locks into a youthful, ashy blonde.

Maggie’s makeover was shared on YouTube, collecting over 849,000 views to date.

“Maggie, your husband is looking down and smiling at how happy you are,” one viewer commented. “Until you meet with him again, live and love your life, enjoy your grandchildren, they grow so fast.”

Hopkins, a TV personality, singer, speaker, and published author, has specialized in transformations for women over the age of 45 since the early ’90s.

Swinging her blonde bob from side to side, Maggie’s parting advice for all future clients of The Makeover Guy went as follows: “When you come from so far away and you’re gonna do this, let them do their vision!”

Watch her transformation in the video below:

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