Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids: The Classics

October 12, 2018 Updated: October 13, 2018

Not all parents love Halloween (insert shriek of horror). The deluge of candy, the inappropriate costumes being advertised to their kids, the demonic imagery … It’s not all pumpkins and scarecrows.

If you’re one of “those parents,” like I am, finding kid-friendly Halloween costumes can be, well,  tricky.

When in doubt, opt for the old standbys—the costumes that kids have been wearing for generations.

The Scarecrow

Overalls, jeans, and a rustic flannel shirt adorned with hay make for a super simple scarecrow. Add some patches and a straw hat, and you’re in business.

The Witch

Black clothing, a black witch’s hat, and a broom will have your daughter cackling around the neighborhood.

The Pumpkin

Take an oversized bright orange shirt and paint or sew a jack-o’-lantern face on it. Add a green hat for the stem, and if you’re fancy, sew on some leaves around the collar.

The Angel

All white clothing, a halo, and a pair of wings will turn your little one into an angel, if just for a day.

The Hobo

Rough up and patch some old jeans and a flannel shirt. Tie a blanket to a stick. Add a hat and some facial scruff (I remember kids using shoe polish for this), and you’ve got a bonafide, old-fashioned hobo.

The Black Cat

It’s easy enough to make: all black clothing, cat ears, and drawn-on black nose and whiskers.

The Pirate

Tie a bandana around the head and add an eyepatch. A striped shirt and, perhaps, a hook or sword fortify the license to talk like a pirate all day. Bonus points for a stuffed parrot on the shoulder, matey!

Epoch Times Photo

The Uniformed Professional

Whether a firefighter, police officer, nurse, doctor, or military officer, kids can easily get into the role of their most admired job. Many play costumes or simple accessories can be found where toys are sold (and can be enjoyed well beyond Halloween).

The Ghost

The most classic costume of all! Take a white sheet, cut out two eye holes, and you’ve got yourself a genuine classic ghost.

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