Fun Family Activities for Rainy Spring Days

April 6, 2021 Updated: April 6, 2021

With spring here, sunny days come alongside rainy ones. On April shower days, and while you await those May flowers, here are some fun indoor activities to enjoy with your family.

Game Night

The classic rainy day activity can’t be too overrated. Gathering together around a classic board game such as Scrabble, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, or a newer game like Hedbandz can provide fun for hours. Serve your family’s favorite finger foods and select some background music to set just the right atmosphere.

Food Bar

Set up a fun fixins bar for everyone to get creative with. Whether you’re making your own pizzas, designing your own ice cream sundaes, topping a giant baked potato, or sampling various types of chili options—the act of personalizing something delicious and then enjoying your creations together is simply a good time.

Movie Marathon

So, it’s raining all day? No problem. Pick a trilogy and run with it. Take movie night to a whole new level by theming your snacks, and even decor if you’re crafty, to coincide with a movie trilogy. Some recommendations: “Star Wars” (the original trilogy), “Indiana Jones,” “Lord of the Rings,” “The Chronicles of Narnia,” or “Back to the Future.” It’s hours of rainy day fun that you’ll always remember.

Get Crafty

A rainy day is a great opportunity to tackle a house project the whole family has been interested in or diving into a craft project that everyone would enjoy. Whether you’ve been wanting to repaint the playroom, build a birdhouse for the backyard, or put together a 1,000-piece puzzle, working together on something creative will be a bonding experience.

Travel Down Memory Lane

Spend the day enjoying and reminiscing about your treasured family memories as you go through your family photos and videos. If you’ve been meaning to get photos printed for an album or to display in frames, what better time than a rainy spring afternoon with input from the whole family? Pouring over your history together is a wonderful way to bond.

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