Former Music Teacher: Shen Yun Performers Make Shen Yun Their Entire Life

February 24, 2017

“I think it’s a fantastic performance. The costuming, the dances, everything, just phenomenal. Really glad I came to see it.”

“They embrace the dances from centuries and millennia ago, and it’s just come all to life, and it’s beautiful. Every movement, every gesture.”

“I was a music teacher for many years, so I’m really involved in the arts, and [I] can just tell when [performers] have embraced what they’re doing and made it their entire life, and yes, this is definitely happening here.”

“I’m invigorated. When it’s quiet—it’s wonderful. You’re very serene and relaxed, but like when the last dance, with the drums, you can’t help but get excited.”

“I think it’s sad that a group like this can’t perform in mainland China, because that is where … they came from. Just because they have a Communist Party in place doesn’t mean that thousands of years of history should be forgotten.”