Financial Advisor Finds Shen Yun Dancers Impressive

Shen Yun, 'I've spoken highly of it after we left last year'
March 10, 2018

“I think [I liked] the dancing the most, but the colors, the costumes are just amazing as well, and just the whole discipline of the art.”

“I just think that the creativity with using something like that, like chopsticks, and being able to create that kind of dance and look and sound. It’s just very impressive.”

“There is an appreciation for the fact that we have the freedom to worship in this country, and we don’t have that fear and we don’t have to worry about that choice. But in addition to that, it’s just to see the way people cling to what they believe in, and they’re not moved by whatever may happen to them—is very moving and touching as well. It kind of just makes you start to make sure you feel that same way about your faith, you really do latch onto it the same way.”

“I’ve spoken highly of it after we left last year, and I’ve been sharing with people about coming and saying it’s just such a wonderful show to see.”