Father’s Day: 6 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special

By Barbara Danza, Epoch Times
June 16, 2019 Updated: June 16, 2019

Father’s Day is here. It’s time to show Dad how much we love and appreciate him.

He’s the hero of the house—the one who enjoys making a mess and plays all the games, the one who disposes of creepy crawlers that get inside and fixes things when they’re broken, the one who is strong and protective, hard-working and responsible, and deep down just a giant kid at heart. (He has a different voice for every stuffed animal in the house).

That’s the dad at our house, anyway. What’s your dad like? What are his favorite things to do? How can you show him you appreciate him for who he is and what he means to you this Father’s Day?

Here are six ideas to do just that.

Start Off Right

First thing in the morning, let Dad wake up to signs of appreciation. Some Father’s Day decor, sweet cards, his coffee (or whatever he prefers) prepared, and maybe even breakfast in bed will start his special day with a smile and a feeling of being loved.

Do Dad’s Favorites

What does your dad love most to do? Do that! Does he love to golf? Go golfing. Is he a huge comic book fan? Hit some comic book stores or watch a related movie. Does he love to cook? Take a cooking class together, eat at a restaurant’s chef’s table, or simply cook at home together. You know your dad and what he loves to do. Center Father’s Day around that.

Let Dad Kick Back and Enjoy

Whatever you do on Father’s Day, take over Dad’s usual responsibilities.

If he usually packs the car, have the kids do it. If he is usually the driver or navigator, take that off his plate. If he’s the one who makes sure that the doors are locked before you leave, the tires are full in the bikes, or that the reservations have been confirmed, give him a free pass to sit back and enjoy a day doing what he loves with his family with all the details handled.

Give Dad the Day Off

Quite possibly, Dad’s idea of a great day might be relaxing with his feet up, watching his favorite shows or sporting event, enjoying some of his favorite snacks, and not having to do or fix anything.

Make it extra special by refilling his drinks when he needs it, fluffing his pillows, and offering him more snacks from time to time.

Make a ‘Honey, It’s Done List’

If Dad has some nagging repairs or chores he’s been meaning to get around to, work with the kids to get them done. Perhaps there’s a leaky faucet, or the garage needs cleaning, or a guitar that he’d like tuned. Hire someone or complete the tasks for him.

For that “ta-da” moment, wrap the list of done items as a gift and watch the sense of relief fall across his face on Father’s Day.

Give Dad a Gift He’ll Really Love

Sometimes it can be challenging to think of gifts dads really love. Does he really want another shirt and tie?

Every once in a while, though, Dad drops a hint or decides that there is something special he truly wants. Think back to conversations and recall any special items he might have mentioned. If you’ve got something specific you know will make his day extra special, go for it.

All in all, what matters is thinking of him, who he is as an individual, and how grateful you and your family are to him for all he does as a father.

Happy Father’s Day to every dad reading this. You’re doing important work and you’re more appreciated than you know.

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