Fashionista: Shen Yun’s Strength of Spirit and Feminine Beauty Inspired

February 12, 2017

“I love the show and think it is very beautiful.  I loved the combination of Chinese and classic instruments.  It was just really beautiful.  I loved the colors. All the inspiration from the performance and how they put it all together with the colors—it was just very, very inspiring; beautiful show.”


“[Shen Yun shows] old classic values: all beautiful things that we need to be reminded of in the modern world.”


“[There’s] wisdom with strength of spirit, and strength of spirit most of all.”


“I also like the beauty and the feminine part of it, seeing all those ladies in the dresses, with colors.  Stepping into feminine power… We are all fighting to be like a man and being better than a man, … and this [Shen Yun] reminds you that true feminine power can inspire and just brings a deep sense of beauty.  So what I am taking [away] is… that [we should] inspire others.”