Family Whose Dog Wandered Off Was Surprised to Find Him on the Roof of a Bungalow

TIMENovember 30, 2021

A family who noticed their dog was missing found him wandering around, on the roof.

Kyle Barrett, 32, was visiting family with his wife, children, and canine when everyone noticed their dog, Samson, had vanished from their sight. However, nobody expected to look up and spot St. Bernard sniffing around on the roof of Kyle’s mother’s bungalow.

Epoch Times Photo
Samson the dog on the roof. (SWNS)

The family, from Lymm, Cheshire, England, then had the job of coaxing the 1-year-old puppy to come down after he found his way to an exciting new place on Nov. 20.

Epoch Times Photo
Samson the dog. (SWNS)

“We could hear this loud banging and realized at the same time we couldn’t find the dog,” Kyle, a father of one, said. “I was a bit surprised—it’s not every day you see a 60 kg St Bernard wandering around on the roof.”

Epoch Times Photo
Samson the dog with owner Kyle Barrett. (SWNS)

Kyle added that Samson—who he believes wanted to wander off for a bit—was surefooted and fortunately came down with ease.

However, Kyle, who works in IT, also admitted being slightly nervous that the “dozy” dog would fall off after he managed to climb up the roof through the garage.

Epoch Times Photo
Samson the dog on the roof. (SWNS)

Epoch Times Staff contributed to this report. 

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