Family Pulls Hilarious Gender-Reveal Prank on Expectant Couple–but Watch the Box on the Ground Closely

August 23, 2019 Updated: August 28, 2019

After having been married for two years, Chris and Tracy Maschke found out they were going to be parents. So they decided to throw a gender-reveal party where they invited many their friends and family. While the whole point of gender reveals is the surprise, they didn’t expect the adorable prank their loved ones had in store for them.

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Gender-reveal parties are a highly popular social media trend for expectant parents. They usually entail a trusted loved one who knows the secret, and it’s revealed in a dramatic, surprise unveiling ritual that may take any number of forms.

A multitude of ideas for reveals are available on YouTube. Some involve colored icing hidden inside a cake—pink for girls, or blue for boys—or colored confetti inside balloons. On this occasion, it was balloons … only with a twist.


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The video, posted on Chris’s YouTube channel in 2015, shows the couple standing in their front yard surrounded by loved ones and ready to pop a huge, black balloon. They were expecting it to be filled with either blue or pink confetti. Both of them look excited and nervous while holding small needles and getting ready for their baby’s gender to be revealed.

Upon popping the balloon, they both look perplexed. Instead of the traditional blue or pink, the confetti was a multi-colored explosion. They look back at their friends and family who jokingly exclaim things such as, “You’re having a baby!,” “You’re having a whole bunch of babies!,” and “Maybe it’s twins!” Chris admits that he’s feeling confused before the cameraman suggests they look inside a small cardboard box that fell on the grass.

Tracy expected blue or pink confetti, but was stunned when a bunch of multi-colored pieces of paper burst out of the…

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But they are further perplexed to find that the small box was filled with rocks. Such trickery!

It was only then that their friends brought out a second giant balloon. And this time, after a countdown, upon pricking it came a huge burst of blue confetti—revealing to Chris and Tracey at last that they’re about to have a baby boy!

However, Chris is still not convinced at this point and jokingly states, “I do not believe it is a boy,” before being reassured by someone in the background that there were “no more balloons.”

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Such a fun and inventive way to help parents celebrate a new arrival didn’t go unnoticed. The video posted by the father-to-be of this lighthearted joke received over 1.5 million views on YouTube. And it was shared all over the world on social media.

Tracy commented on her Facebook, “I had a lot of celebrities tag me in in their Facebook posts. It was so random!” Referring to the day itself, another one of her comments said, “It was such an incredible day! I couldn’t believe this video got over 1 million views! That’s crazy.”

Later, Chris updated on his YouTube Channel in December 2018 that Tracy had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. The pair named their newborn Christopher Adler.

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Gender-reveal parties are very popular for a good reason. They give families and expectant parents a way to celebrate and enjoy such a special time in their lives. Adding a bit of lighthearted humor to such a joyous event can make for pleasant viewing when it’s posted on social media.

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