Executive Director Sees Passion in Shen Yun

Introduces daughter to traditional Chinese culture at Shen Yun
March 4, 2018

“We are enjoying the explanation of the culture [by the emcees], helping us understand the different aspects of the culture, and we can further appreciate the dance and the music and the instruments. … So we are enjoying it!

“What I am seeing other than the beauty of the costumes and [the artists’] skill is their passion for the dance and the art. … Their expressions are just large and beautiful and happy. And it feels they want to story-tell their culture through their performances, so I am enjoying looking so closely at their faces.”

“I think it is important for her [my daughter] to understand what’s outside of our own world and see how other people live … for her to understand the unique instruments for the culture. I think [that it] had her intrigued. She noticed that right away. When the woman [erhu soloist] came out and sat down, she went straight to the program book to read what was unique to the Chinese culture and their instruments.”