‘Everything looked so easy, effortless,’ Says Professional Ballroom Dancer

March 16, 2017

“I was amazed; it was beautiful. Such amazing choreography. So elegant. The costumes were amazing. … They just flowed around, so beautiful.



“I was impressed with the flawless movement; they had lines, turning, flips. Everything looked so easy, effortless. It was beautiful to watch.”


“[The dancers] are amazing. I think they probably practice every day – I don’t know how many hours a day – to look so in sync. Twenty people dance as one person. It was beautiful.”


“I’ve never been to China, but I felt like I was in China, like in ancient times.” 


“I love the songs. … They open your eyes, and they’re beautiful.” 


“[You feel] connected, and you feel happy when you leave. You feel this beautiful, happy feeling in your heart.” 


“Everyone needs to come and watch it. It’s beautiful.” 

Mariyana Vasileva, professional ballroom dancer
Phoenix, United States
Shen Yun International Company
March 15, 2017