‘Everything looked so easy, effortless,’ Says Professional Ballroom Dancer

March 16, 2017

“I was amazed; it was beautiful. Such amazing choreography. So elegant. The costumes were amazing. … They just flowed around, so beautiful.



“I was impressed with the flawless movement; they had lines, turning, flips. Everything looked so easy, effortless. It was beautiful to watch.”


“[The dancers] are amazing. I think they probably practice every day – I don’t know how many hours a day – to look so in sync. Twenty people dance as one person. It was beautiful.”


“I’ve never been to China, but I felt like I was in China, like in ancient times.” 


“I love the songs. … They open your eyes, and they’re beautiful.” 


“[You feel] connected, and you feel happy when you leave. You feel this beautiful, happy feeling in your heart.” 


“Everyone needs to come and watch it. It’s beautiful.”