Eurail Introduces Changes to Its Passes in 2019

January 10, 2019 Updated: January 13, 2019

Eurail, the train pass that has shuttled many a traveler between European countries, is turning 60 this year. Starting this month, Eurail is introducing a number of significant changes.

New countries include Great Britain, Macedonia, and Lithuania, bringing the total of countries covered to 31. The inclusion of Great Britain means that travelers can use a pass on the Eurostar, making for easy connections between London and cities such as Amsterdam, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Rotterdam, Marseille, and Avignon.

No More Eurail Multi-Country Passes

In addition, Eurail is retiring multi-country passes, which covered two to four countries, and instead focusing on two kinds of passes: the Global pass, which lets travelers travel between all 31 countries and 40,000 destinations; and the One Country pass, for travelers wishing to spend their time in one country.

“We anticipate the streamlining of our Pass offerings to be a welcome change by both consumers and travel agents alike,” said Clarissa Mattos, Eurail’s market manager for the Americas and Pacific.

Prices have also decreased up to 37 percent for Global passes. For adults, the Global pass now starts at $257, covering three days of travel within one month. Depending on the frequency of travel, options vary, including seven days in one month ($395), unlimited travel within 15 days ($521), and unlimited travel within one month ($788).

Other Changes

A new senior category, for those age 60 and older, has also been added.

A new Greek Islands Pass has also been introduced, with ferry trips covering 53 islands, including the Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, Saronic Islands, Northeast Aegean Islands, and Crete (starting at $107 for five trips within one month).