Engineer Finds Shen Yun Uplifting

February 25, 2018

“You get goosebumps in some of those spots when they do something amazing—especially the soprano singer, my wife and I both got goosebumps when she hit those notes.”

“I was looking at the lyrics very intently, especially the Chinese lyrics. I found that very interesting. I was trying almost to the take the English words and try to understand some Chinese. I wanted to know some of those Chinese characters. It was the first time I wanted to know that.”

“I didn’t think there was any persecution for beliefs [in China], especially beliefs in something that is Chinese which has Chinese origin. [From the dance,] I didn’t get any feeling there was anything negative about [Falun Gong] or anything destructive, so I’m really surprised that they would persecute people and I’d like to find out [more]—it seems to be a form of meditation. To be discouraged, I can understand but to be persecuted or be put in jail, I’m surprised.”