Ed Harris and Amy Madigan’s Daughter Is Grown Up, the Family Resemblance Is Uncanny

July 16, 2019 Updated: July 16, 2019

Hollywood royalty Ed Harris and Amy Madigan welcomed their only daughter, Lily Dolores Harris, a decade after walking down the aisle. For multi-award-winning actor Ed Harris, his glittering career pales in comparison to his truly proudest achievement and happiest experience in life: being a father to Lily.

Ed Harris and Amy Madigan arrive looking sharp at the “Kirk Douglas Award For Excellence in Film” event in California, 2008 (©Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez)

When asked by The Guardian, “When were you happiest?” the star confidently replied, “The day our daughter was born.” He also claimed, modestly, to have been a “decent father,” but his beautiful daughter provides far more convincing evidence than that.

Lily was born on May 3, 1993, making her 26 years old. The only child of these two Hollywood icons has grown into a beautiful young woman, and, you must admit, she also bears a striking resemblance to her famous mom and dad!

Ed Harris savors a tender moment with Lily as he accepts an award at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2006 (©Getty Images | David Paul Morris)

Harris and Madigan are living proof that true love does exist in Hollywood. The pair first crossed paths while rehearsing for a play, and while Harris later admitted to being immediately under Madigan’s spell, neither were aware in that moment that they would end up together.

Harris and Madigan have been married since 1983 and share a family home in Malibu, California.

Ed Harris attends a film premiere with wife Amy and daughter Lily in Los Angeles, 2008 (©Getty Images | GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP)

Harris openly admitted that the birth of their daughter encouraged the married couple to grow up a little. “It certainly helped Amy and I mature as human beings and become a little bit more responsible, obviously, for someone other than ourselves,” Harris opened up to entertainment critic Emanuel Levy in 2016.

“I mean, we were out partying pretty hard before she was born,” he said. “You calm down and you wake up and you are not thinking about yourself,” the loving dad explained. “You are thinking about your child.”

Spot the difference: Ed Harris arrives with Lily at the premiere of “Appaloosa” in Los Angeles, 2008 (©Getty Images | GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP)

In her early twenties, Lily graduated from college and was doing great establishing herself as an independent young woman, but her parents remained protective. “It’s the center of your world, in your certain sense, of how this product of your love is getting on in the world,” Harris shared.

Lily honors her dad by attending his star unveiling on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on March 13, 2015 (©Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Lily’s proud parents, it seems, have absolutely nothing to worry about. The brunette beauty often accompanies her famous mom and dad to public events, and in paparazzi snaps (side-profile photos in particular), the 26-year-old is the spitting image of her iconic father!

Lily and her mom, Amy Madigan, watch Ed Harris receiving the 2,546th star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame (©Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez)

Lily has also inherited her talented parents’ proclivity for acting, but has yet to make her breakthrough appearance on the big screen. However, until then, she sure helps her father to understand his own acting ventures.

“When I’m watching [Westworld] with my daughter, it’s great,” Harris admitted to the Huffington Post. “She can tell me everything about who everybody is and what’s going on.”

Amy Madigan, Ed Harris, and Lily stand proudly united as Ed’s longevous career is honored (©Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez)

The Harris-Madigan-Harris bond is unbreakable. With her extraordinary parents behind her, Lily is sure to carve out an incredible career for herself. We can’t wait to watch it unfold.