‘A deep sense of mission’

December 24, 2008 Updated: December 25, 2008

SARASOTA, Florida—"There's a deep sense of mission that comes bouncing off the stage," said Sheena, who was at the Divine Performing Arts presentation at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on Tuesday 23 Dec.

“It is very peaceful to watch.”

The journalist said she was looking at the bigger picture, not so much on the arts, but on the “spiritual expression of mankind.”

“I am even looking at the bigger picture of this and not isolating it to China, but the message that I am getting, maybe through my filters, is that world humanity is coming together in this time, 5000 years for China, thousands of years for the Inca people—ancient peoples coming together in this time in the history of the planet all to the same place of enlightenment."

For Sheena, the show was “wonderful.”

“I think it was very meditational—it's relaxing to watch it. It is very spirited and spiritual. The mission comes through clearly to preserve the old teachings.”

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