‘Its the heart and soul of China,’ Says Delighted Parisian

February 28, 2009 Updated: March 2, 2009

PARIS—The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) 2009 World Tour opened in Paris on Feb. 27, at the Palais des Congrès de Paris.

In the audience was Cécile who has worked in management positions of such luxury hotels.

"It's a surprise, the philosophy is astonishing! In the second part there is a philosophy. Since my childhood I have always dreamed about China. I listened to Chinese music, read Chinese authors, and liked Chinese theater and Chinese history. I like Chinese instruments, the erhu, the gong, all the instruments. I had this image of China. In the second part I found a message, the essential message. It's the heart and soul of China. Its a universal message of humanity, and so I really have to say 'Bravo'."

'It's marvelous!'

Also in the audience on opening night was Mr. Phillipe Breant, an author and theater producer. Mr. Breant is aware that a message of spirituality is at the root of the performances.

"I liked the show very much. It's marvelous! I particularly liked the part about Mulan [Mulan Joins the Battle]. Also, the dresses, the colors, the orchestra, and the spiritual message. The hope, compassion, and spirituality. It's also the theme of our association. The artists are leading through dance and in art to spirituality, and the world needs this."

DPA portrays the true story of Mulan, one which is filled with filial piety, courage, thinking of others first, and the ability keep one's inherent gentleness and kindness even after undergoing war and hardships.

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