Doorbell Cam Video of Struggling Delivery Man Prompts Wave of Kindness on Social Media

BY Louise Chambers TIMEDecember 8, 2020 PRINT

When a Utah resident shared a heartbreaking clip on a Facebook post of an elderly man struggling with her delivery, it prompted a wave of human kindness on social media.

Checking her doorbell camera footage, Jennifer Weiss, from Plain City, witnessed the delivery man approaching her front door, laden with groceries. Struggling to climb the steps with a bag in each hand, the man leaned against the wall for support.

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(Courtesy of Jennifer Weiss)

Stooped and audibly gasping for breath, he carried a large box, which he handled with care despite his unsteady footing.

“It made me kind of feel guilty to have someone else deliver stuff, just because I didn’t want to go to the store,” Weiss explained to ABC4 News. Moved by the driver’s struggle, she decided to do some investigating.

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(Courtesy of Jennifer Weiss)

Weiss posted the footage on Facebook, trying to find the whereabouts of the man and lamenting her sadness, adding that she didn’t watch the video until the old man left or else she would have taken a moment to help him.

Luckily, a nephew of the delivery man saw Weiss’s post and got in touch with her, confirming his identity. It was later known that Larry is a war veteran from Ogden.

Larry’s health took a serious hit when he suffered a stroke in June. However, damage to his roof meant he had been forced to take the delivery job regardless. “[O]ur swamp cooler blew off our roof, we have a big hole,” Larry explained to ABC4. “I got it taped up; needed some extra money to fix that.”

(Courtesy of Jennifer Weiss)

Several of Weiss’s friends responded to her social media post, suggesting chipping in for a “big tip.” Weiss then posted Larry’s Venmo information and the donations, she marveled, “just started coming in like crazy.”

“It just blew up like crazy,” Larry agreed. “There’s so many nice people around here.”

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Jennifer Weiss. (Courtesy of Jennifer Weiss)

Thanks to the Weber County chain reaction, Larry had enough money to fix his roof in no time and no longer needed to go back to work.

Grateful for all the generosity that he received from the community, Larry and his wife decided to pay it forward. Any further donations, they said, should be sent to local food banks and “Toys for Tots” initiatives.

“He says he has received more than enough and feels there are so many others out there who need the help more than he does,” Weiss posted as an update to her Facebook post.

Every penny counts, Weiss reflected, and a community effort can sometimes effect a huge chain reaction. “It could really make someone’s day, their life,” she said. “It could be the positive that they need.”

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