Dogs on Social Media ‘Take Responsibility’ With Little Bits of Help

April 2, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

Most dogs just want to please their owners: They protect the home and family, offer company,  and some even do all kinds of work to help their people.

In several social media posts from Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, dogs take on unique responsibilities to assist their owners in their daily lives. These dogs prove that “a dog is a man’s best friend.”

Cabbage Cart Dog

In a short video, a small dog is seen running along the street while pulling a little blue cart, filled with several bunches of napa cabbage. It looks over at the person shooting the footage as it paces along.

The dog continues trotting along next to a bicycle, which is riding at a leisurely pace. The cart appears to be custom welded.

The Cat Retriever

Another video about dogs actually starts with cats. A white and gray cat is seen slowly stalking toward something off screen. The cat is wearing a harness, with a leash dragging on the ground.

Another cat is shown, hunched over, looking back at the leashed cat. It appears that a fight may ensue between the two felines.

Then, suddenly, a golden retriever comes over to the leashed cat, and uses its mouth to grab hold of the leash. The first cat remained focused on the other cat, and seems to not be bothered by the dog.

After grabbing hold, the retriever carries the cat away to the front steps of a shop, where it and another retriever were sitting, seemingly sparing the cat from getting into a fight. The cat is very complicit about being pulled out of the potential confrontation.

Another scene in the video shows one of the retrievers laying in the corner on a floor, in what looks to be a kitchen. The cat slowly walks on top of the dog and sits down. The dog doesn’t respond, and only moves its eyes around as the cat gets into position.

The other retriever comes into the scene, and grabs hold of the cat’s collar, and carries it off its perch.

The other dog places the cat on the ground, and then sits down with the cat in between its front paws.

Harvest Hound

Another video shows a man harvesting crops in a field. He is using a hand scythe to cut down stalks. A dog watches him intently as he works.

The dog then moves forward to one of the stalks, and bites at it, pulling it over. It continues biting and pulling over stalks, similar to the way the man is harvesting the crops. It begins making its own pile with the amount of stalks pulled over.

In another similar video, a different dog is seen working completely on its own. It bites down similar looking plant stalks in the same way.

The footage then shows a long line of crops that seemingly have already been cut down by its bite.