Dying Dog Flinched in Pain With Mere Touch. Months After Rescue, He Can’t Stop Cuddling

June 23, 2019 Updated: June 23, 2019


When an animal rescue group saw this dog, they knew he might not survive for long. But keeping their faith strong, they still came forward to rescue him—and merely after two months of care and love, the dog showed an amazing transformation.

Back in 2015, the team from Animal Aid Unlimited in Rajasthan, India, saw an emaciated dog collapsed by a roadside; with his body curled up into a ball, he looked almost lifeless. The rescue team named the dog “Pushkar,” which means “Lotus” in Hindi, a language spoken in India.

Due to Pushkar’s grim condition, the rescuers used a net to catch him to ensure that he would not run away in fear and go another day without treatment. The team wrote on its website that when their ambulance arrived to pick him up, Pushkar didn’t even lift his head to see who was approaching him.

The team found that the poor dog was dehydrated, and was suffering from severe mange and had lost all of his fur. Moreover, “his skin was sore and bleeding from many places,” the rescue group wrote on their website.

When Pushkar arrived at the Animal Aid hospital, Amrita, who is one of the caregivers, tried to pet him in order to feed him—but he lay there motionless, as if he didn’t “sense” someone was touching his back. However, the scared Pushkar responded after sometime when Amrita threw biscuits in front of him; he slowly showed the strength to get up and eat some.

“He was so exhausted and inward on the first day,” the shelter said in the rescue video.

The rescuers could make out at the first glance that human touch was very foreign to Pushkar. “It was obvious though that he hadn’t been shown love or kindness in a very long time. He painfully flinched even before Amrita had even touched his forehead,” the team wrote.

Despite Pushkar’s alarming health condition, they refused to give up on him. They treated him for dehydration and then worked on healing his bad mange. With persistent care and medical help, by the tenth day, Pushkar’s skin had completely healed.

After almost two months of intensive treatment and affectionate care from the rescuers, Pushkar made an incredible recovery. The rescue team’s love and care turned a grave situation into a happy one; otherwise, Pushkar wouldn’t have survived for long.

With his health restored and fur coat fully regrown, Pushkar now looks healthy, happy, and full of life!

Today, he is no longer the dog that flinched at every human touch; rather, now he loves to be cuddled and petted, and falls asleep, without a trace of doubt or fear, in his rescuers’ laps.

Pushkar proved to be brave and beautiful just like his name. Though he took some time, he managed to place his trust in his rescuers’ selfless efforts and made a successful comeback in life.

Kudos to Animal Aid Unlimited’s rescue team for successfully saving yet another life!

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India