Director: Shen Yun’s Values are Universal and Important

February 22, 2018

“It is so visually powerful, beautiful visuals. The dancers make the entire show look effortless. You can tell that there’s years of training behind everything they do, because they make it look so easy.”

“I think it’s really educational. [China has] a history of 5,000 years and we know so little and we need to learn more about the culture because it’s fascinating, it’s beautiful.”

“The values of honour and taking care of people and making the world a better place—all these values come out through the expression of the dance and the different scenes that they play out.”

“They are universal values that apply to many people, many cultures. It shows a lot about tradition that hopefully can be preserved through these types of shows.”

“It’s very important because we have to maintain our traditions for our children. Otherwise if the world has no culture and no tradition it becomes a very sterile place. Tradition is what gives us diversity and makes life interesting.”

“I let myself be absorbed by the show, it’s fantastic.”

“It’s a show that I’m very happy to have come here today [to see], and I hope to come here for many more years.”