Designer Sees the Value of Hope in Shen Yun

March 6, 2017

“I think it’s very beautiful and I love hearing and seeing, in the sense that the eye hears, the story of the Chinese people through the dance. It was incredibe, especially the scene with the baby [“Child’s Choice”], I love that. I appreciate the meaning of it for the Chinese people. I got the pain and the suffering and the restoration and the hope.”

“I thought it was beautiful. There’s no way to express all of which you take in. I thought it gave you a sense of who the Chinese people are, and their desire for life no matter what the hardship is.”

“The costumes were wonderful, and the delicacy of the women—it was beautiful. Very, very beautiful.”

“I thought the [digital] background and the themes, being able to fulfill each story with the background and the color schemes and the beauty of the country—and you saw it through the colors of the fabrics and the background tied in together with that.”

“I would say [you have] to see it because it is  historic, and it’s very beautiful how dance can convey the story of  people.It gives you a couple of things: it gives you the story, it gives you the dance aspect. It gives you the hope of the Chinese people and the background of the Chinese people.”