Deputy Mayor: Shen Yun Is ‘Too Big to Just Explain in Words’

February 17, 2018

“I’m stunned! Everything was stunning. I’m just blown away by the dancers, by how incredibly precise the movements are in the very traditional Chinese [dances], but also the athleticism as well is just amazing.”

“I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to have access to this beauty and this culture. It’s amazing that somebody is trying to preserve it, and that’s so important.”

“These skills and these traditions and the culture that comes from your beliefs and your philosophy is so deep in any country, in its culture, that it’s part of you. And the dance and the music and the singing is who you are, and that’s got to be kept for the next generation.”

“Without a moment’s hesitation I’d just say go [to see Shen Yun]. You have to experience something like this, you really do, and you can’t really explain it, it’s too big to just explain in words. It’s an experience and you have to go, that’s it!”