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Dear Next Generation: ‘It All Began With Chores’

BY Dear Next Generation TIMEJanuary 18, 2022 PRINT

Children need chores: washing dishes, washing windows, sweeping the deck, dusting the house, vacuuming, keeping their room clean.

My Army son trained his four kids, and each of them had assigned things. After a while, they went right to their chores. Their family is most stable and happy.

When my boys were young, we had a small so-called ranch with two horses, one cow, and many goats. Those two boys loved working with hay, putting out corn, and helping milk—some for milk to sell.

Two years in a private school put them ahead, and that’s where they stayed when we let them go to public school to play sports. Both are college grads and work from home. One son flew Apache helicopters in the Army. He now flies fixed-wing aircraft and can rent a plane whenever he has time. The other son skis with his four kids. They go often and love the snow in Utah. Both have excellent incomes. Army boy is almost a Lieutenant Colonel and is now a Reserve commander.

It all began with chores.

Greg Hanks, Idaho


Dear Next Generation,

Every remarkable thing that has ever been done has been accomplished because someone was passionate about it. Passion is a driving force. But where does passion come from?

True passion is God-breathed and has love as its source. It’s very powerful and can accomplish things that people on their own can’t accomplish.

Great books have been written, beautiful artwork and architecture have been created, wonderful songs and dances have delighted us, inventions have been made, inspiring speeches have been given, and acts of heroism have literally saved others. All these things have happened because someone was passionate enough to create them or perform them.

Love must be at the heart of passion, otherwise it’s worthless. Despite everything you may have heard, true love is a real thing. It has a lot of imposters and imitators in the world, and some people never find it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it exists. True love is not only possible, it’s the ideal natural state for every human being. Like buried treasure, it awaits someone to actively seek it or stumble on it. And when it’s found, it’s worth relinquishing everything else for.
True love can go through setbacks, times of testing, and inexplicably tragic events. But if the bond is there, it will not only survive these things, but grow stronger because of them.

An astonishing truth about life is that it’s meant to be a romance on a spiritual level, a passionate adventure with a loving God. All people, if they desire this, can have this privilege. However, there’s no question it demands the utmost courage and faith. After all, we’re in a world that’s sometimes cruel, sometimes crazy, and often unfair. It’s very daring to seek true love in spite of the obstacles, difficulties, and hardships in the way. But I’m convinced that it’s the only quest worth pursuing.

Phyllis Woods, Florida
(I’m a former high school English teacher and the author of the young reader book “The Kingdom of Fairwind.”)


I would encourage our young generation to stand up for their rights to choose freedom and expression more than ever before:

1. Look for the good in people around you and don’t tolerate those who wish you harm.

2. Choose to work doing things you enjoy most.

3. Petition for political education in grade school, and understand the who/what/why powerful elites want to control your future world.

4. Support your friends who speak out against tyranny.

5. Keep away from trendy drugs and violence, and learn to identify fake news propaganda.

Most importantly, respect your elders by asking for good advice, and listen.

Raymond Pinsonneault


What advice would you like to give to the younger generations?

We call on all of our readers to share the timeless values that define right and wrong, and pass the torch, if you will, through your wisdom and hard-earned experience. We feel that the passing down of this wisdom has diminished over time, and that only with a strong moral foundation can future generations thrive.

Send your advice, along with your full name, state, and contact information to or mail it to: Next Generation, The Epoch Times, 229 W. 28th St., Floor 7, New York, NY 10001

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