Dear Next Generation: ‘Always Remember the Past, Live in the Present, and Plan for Your Future’

Advice from our readers to our young people
September 1, 2020 Updated: September 8, 2020

To Everyone:

This advice is timeless and will never change from generation to generation. It is easy to say but more difficult to do and continue to do. It revolves around basic common sense, logic, and love. Here is my advice to everyone in one short sentence: “Always remember the past, live in the present, and plan for your future.” Now here are the details.

Always remember the past. Embrace the good and learn from the bad. Remember those who sacrificed so much and paved the way to allow you to succeed. We all have made mistakes. Understand and accept them as teachable moments that have allowed you to grow as a person. Honor and celebrate your ancestors and loved ones.

Live in the present. Be humble, fair, and kind to others. Have compassion and empathy for those who are suffering or are in pain. Be considerate and tolerant of opposing viewpoints. Be a problem solver and not a complainer. Help others whom you can help. Be a positive influence for those around you. Be in the moment when others need you and be a good listener. Commit to a lifetime of learning and being a better version of yourself.

Be charitable if you are able. Lose the hate and be grateful for what is wonderful in life. Use more logic and less emotion to evaluate situations and in making decisions. Be an independent deep thinker and self-reliant. Have some balance in your life. Follow a healthy lifestyle and manage your stress properly. Keep your faith and maintain your composure. Tune out the noise and the poison all around you. Have fun and laugh!

Plan for your future. Use your past experiences and your present self to draw upon. Dream and have a vision of your future. Be realistic and honest about it. Settle on a path forward. Do not compromise your core values to achieve your goals. Embrace education. Pay attention to the details. Budget properly and save for retirement. Seek out help when you need it. Do not be afraid to fail because it can be a valuable life lesson in the long term. If you fail, do not feel sorry for yourself. Instead, pick yourself up and start over. Never forget where you came from, and continue to remember and learn from the past. Be honest to yourself and everyone you meet. Stay positive even in darker times, and keep everything in perspective. There are always others who are worse off than you. Remain hopeful and take control of whatever direction your life is headed into.

Barry E. Moschel


To Our Upcoming Leaders of the Future America:

We baby boomers are looking on at our young people as they graduate from college, and we are wondering how an estimated 40 percent of them believe that socialism (communism masqueraded as social democracy) is a healthy system to pursue here in this great country.

We are finally seeing the result of an educational system that has indoctrinated students, teaching the Marxist principles that decry capitalism and liberty, as well as personal responsibility and the ability to create one’s own destiny, as we here in America are privileged to do in a free-market society.

We urge you, the hope of our future, to explore ideas outside of the purview of academia.

Take your own initiative and listen to others on the conservative side, others who have been censored by your universities, and find out how the free-market society we enjoy has improved living standards all over the world in the past century.

Find out how a society which encourages innovation and creativity in our business communities and in our volunteer organizations on a regional level, is successful at local as well as national levels.

Use your education as it was meant to be used, as a mind-opening experience, expanding to include a wide variety of ideas.

Learn your true history, of this great country called America, as well as the history of the world.

Read about the scourge of communism, the death of millions in Russia under Stalin, under Mao in China, in Italy under Mussolini, and 6 million Jews under Hitler’s fascism in Europe. 

Listen to the Chinese here in America who are decrying the censorship, and outright persecution of Chinese citizens under the Chinese Communist Party today. 

Go to PragerU, a platform founded by Dennis Prager, and watch the five-minute videos on a wide variety of subjects and explaining some of the complex issues we face today. Issues that young leaders like yourselves will be solving in your new business ventures or in your political careers.

Go to “American Thought Leaders,” the interviews by Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times.

Listen to well-read, intelligent leaders in our policy institutions like the Hoover Institution or The Heritage Foundation.

Above all, embrace something greater than yourself. Believe in God, in whatever form you choose. Having a greater power than yourself will give you hope, optimism, and courage to accept the challenges you face in your life going forward. This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and the trinity of ideas consisting of Liberty, E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one), In God We Trust. It is a young idea, this nation. Only 240 years old, and not perfect, as we know, but it is still the best hope for our world. Stand behind this idea with enthusiasm.

We are counting on you to defeat the lies of the left. Reject the idea of Big Government. It will only imprison you.

Stand strong and carry on.

God bless you,

Jan M. Clement


Here’s my advice to the next generation:

Make sure that your sense of right and wrong is always geared toward a decent, peaceful, and civil society; trust your judgment, be firm but kind, stick to your guts and principles, and keep your God your unshakable life anchor.

Rico Cadayona


Here’s what I’ve told my grandsons, which sums up my philosophy in a nutshell: “Love many, trust few, and learn to row your own canoe.”

Donna Wierzbowski


What advice would you like to give to the younger generations?

We call on all of our readers to share the timeless values that define right and wrong, and pass the torch, if you will, through your wisdom and hard-earned experience. We feel that the passing down of this wisdom has diminished over time, and that only with a strong moral foundation can future generations thrive.

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