Dancer Thanks Shen Yun’s Artistic Director for Creating An ‘Incredible gift of humanity at its highest evolution’

March 30, 2017

“I was so touched by it — I’ll never forget it my entire life. And I want to thank the director, the inventor, the artistic director and all the talented dancers who worked so many hours to create that incredible gift of humanity at its highest, highest evolution, giving out that art; and the musicians. Phenomenal. I just want to thank them all because it just changed my life, my outlook. It’s extraordinary.” 

“You could see the dancers putting out their spirit, and enchanting us, and taking us on journeys that did make me cry as well. And I did fall into a dream the whole time, and it was a gift, an incredible gift. It was like heaven on earth. It’s fabulous; I’m inspired.” 

“My inspiration is to do some of those moves. I want to do some of those moves, and I want to use the umbrella [as a prop].” 

“I’m going to take home all the love, and the talent, and the dedication, and the generosity, and I’m going to spread that and have my dancers dance with that same spirit and honor the tradition of Chinese dance from 5,000 years with reverence and respect — I’m very inspired.”

“There was this fight for artistry, and this fight for freedom, and this fight to really stand for what’s good and right and have their life matter with doing what is good and right. … 
I like that message.”

“I would tell my friends to come, they must come.”