Dance Therapist Says Shen Yun Awe-Inspiring and Eye-Opening

February 24, 2017

“It’s great. It’s more than I expected, it’s beautiful scenery, costumes and dancing. I have a dance background so this is just … I really admire what they can do.”

“To see the culture and the history of China in dance, in the form of dance and the costumes, music – it’s just very well-rounded. Very explosive in that you see everything. The color, the movements, the history and the [digital] backdrop.”

“Makes me think a little bit more seriously about China and about the history and what they have gone through in many thousands of years. I’ve never thought about it before, you know … but when it’s put all together – it’s just awe-inspiring. It’s just eye opening.” 

“The visual images, I will be talking about for quite a long time to my friends and family when I tell them what I have seen.”