Dance Professor and Choreographer Says Shen Yun ‘Everything Was Top Notch’

April 2, 2017

“I thought it [the production] was really wonderful. It was really colorful, very exciting. They have a variety of numbers, good variety.”

“[Classical Chinese dance] was terrific. The extensions, and just the staging was just so wonderful, the costuming, everything was top notch.”

“It was certainly interesting to see all the men dancers. We don’t have as many men in the United States that are studying dance, so it was good to see men on stage… It was good to see a good mix of both [men and women dancers.] It was very wonderful dancing. very energetic. It was just terrific.”

“I also enjoy the musical part of it, the instruments that they played with the pianist and the singer.”

“The use of props was certainly unique.”

“I think the arts are spiritual, and they are certainly a good means of probably expressing spiritual beliefs…I think they [Shen Yun performers] expressed it very well.” 

“I enjoyed all of it. The alternating between the regular dance numbers and narrative stories was very educational. It told us a lot about the Chinese culture, history and also it’s woven a religious context…It was a very good insight into the entire Chinese cultural, perhaps evolution.” 

“That was good to see all the performing arts together in one-sort of a giant event.”

“I would go see [Shen Yun] again. I would recommend it. It was a very good production.”