Dad Who Chaperoned Daughter to School 1.8 Miles Each Way on His Shoulders Is Gifted a Car

January 18, 2021 Updated: January 18, 2021

A dedicated father who had been chaperoning his daughter to school on his shoulders has been gifted a car. Making the 1.8-mile journey on foot every single day each way, whatever the weather, the man’s 6-year-old daughter never once missed a day of school and was never tardy.

However, the father, who wishes to remain anonymous, did not go unnoticed by his Atlanta, Georgia, community.

A local charitable foundation that “adopts” a single-parent household every holiday season and surprises them with Christmas gifts chose the father and his daughter as their 2020 recipients.

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Monet Farr Bartell (far left), the school principal (far right), pictured with the father and his daughter. (Courtesy of Monet Bartell)

It was philanthropist Monet Farr Bartell, her husband, and their friend—the principal of the little girl’s school—that teamed up to submit the successful nomination.

Monet found out that the 6-year-old was very excited about reading. “The very first gift given to her was a Scholastic Bookclub gift certificate for the rest of the year … she’ll be able to get books for free,” Monet explained in a video uploaded to her Facebook page.

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Gifts and books for the child who loves to read. (Courtesy of Monet Bartell)

Discovering that the father could not afford a vehicle, but was taking his daughter to school on his shoulders to make the trip “more fun,” Monet and the school principal dreamed up a spectacular gift idea: They wanted to buy him a car.

The founder of the charity revealed that her husband had a car for sale and reveals the price. After liaising with her cousin, who spread the word among potential donors, Monet’s Cash App was flooded with generous contributions. The car was shortly purchased and a handover date was agreed upon.

Epoch Times Photo
The little girl hugging her school principal. (Courtesy of Monet Bartell)

“Let me tell you what it was for me was sitting in that car, watching him walk by,” Monet told WSB-TV. “I was like, ‘OMG, he has no idea his life is about to change,’” she said. “It gives me chill-bumps right now.”

Heartwarming footage on her Facebook video depicts the moment that the car keys were handed over to the shocked, humbled father, changing the dad-daughter duo’s school commute forever.

Epoch Times Photo
The handover of the car. (Courtesy of Monet Bartell)

Monet also brought her kids along to witness the joyful act. For the givers, the act of gifting a car to a single father, who sacrificed on a daily basis for his daughter’s education, made the holiday season come alive.

“Give,” Monet implored in her video. “Do something, bless someone’s life … because to give, the blessing becomes yours.”

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