How to Sneeze in Different Languages (+ Other Funny Onomatopoeia)

By Tina Sun
Tina Sun
Tina Sun
July 15, 2014 Updated: July 16, 2014

A dog’s bark may sound like “woof woof” in English, but have you ever wondered how that same sound is perceived across the world? Here is a comparison of common onomatopoeia, and what they sound like in other languages. Which do you find more accurate?

A Dog’s Bark

English: woof, arf, bow, bark, ruff

French: wouf, ouah, ouaf

Spanish: guau guau

Italian: bau bau

Chinese: wang wang

Korean: mong mong

Japanese: wan wan

German: wau, waff, wuff

Polish: hau hau

Romanian: ham ham

(P.S. Teach your dog the language before bringing him in another country!)

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A Cat’s Meow

English: meow, mew, miaow

French: miaou

Spanish: miau

Chinese: miao

Korean: yaong

Japanese: nya

(P.S. “Kittish” is a pretty universal language)

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Cats via (Shutterstock)

A Cow’s Moo:

English: moo

French: meuh

Spanish: mu

Dutch: boe

Chinese: mou

Korean: eum-ma

Japanese: mo-mo

German: muh

Tagalog: unga

Finnish: ammuu

(P.S. Cows can almost forgo the translator)

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Cow via (Gettyimages)

A Rooster’s Morning Call

English: cock a doodle doo

French: cocorico

Spanish: quiquiriquí, cocoricó

Italian: chicchirichi

Arab: kuku-reekoo

Chinese: o-o-o

Korean: ggo-ggee-oh

Japanese: kokekokko

Irish: mac na hóighe slán

Thaï: aek ee aek aek

Bulgarian: arh-ah-ariihhr

(P.S. At least you can choose different alarm ringtones)

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Cry of Pain (Human):

English: ouch, ow

French: ouïlle, aïlle

Spanish: au

Québécois (Quebec French): ayoye

Chinese: aiyo, aiyo wei, aiya

Korean: apa

Japanese: itai

Polish: awa

Romanian: valeu

(P.S. Please take care to scream correctly when in a foreign country)

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A Super Sized Sneeze

English: achoo

French: atchoum

Italian: etciú

German: hatschi

Chinese: a-qi, a-qia, a-qiu

Korean: etchi

Japanese: hakushon, kushan, kushi

Thaï: hud chei

Tagalog: aching

(P.S. And now you know how to sneeze in other languages!)

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Tina Sun
Tina Sun