Company President Enjoys Celebration of Life at Shen Yun

January 21, 2018

“This piece of culture that I am experiencing today is like none I have ever seen before. It combines dance with color, with beautiful timing, and art, and amazing, amazing dance, such music that, that is just amazing. It is truly an experience that I wish everybody in the world has a chance to feel and touch, just like we are tonight.”

“It [the final program] is as touching and poignant as anything I have ever seen before. It really is. And that more than anything touched me. And I have been touched by so many things so far.”

“The message I think, we are really all one people. The earth, the sky, the love, the divinity, the dance, and the warmth that comes with life, and if you embrace life, and you celebrate, you should celebrate all that life has to offer because that is what life is all about, and it isn’t any better than I’ve seen tonight on the screen. Right in front of me. Just beautiful.”