Choreographer Found Shen Yun Inspirational

January 15, 2018

“I found the performance to be very inspirational. I value the commitment and the integrity of the traditional dances, and maintaining the beautiful art and history of the Chinese culture. The costuming, the color, the flow, the artistry, the synchronization—everything was just so beautifully executed.

“One of the things that the performers inspired me with, was the use of long sleeves, and the scarves, and the handkerchiefs.”

“The beauty transcended in many different ways. Through the rhythm of the music, being executed through the dance movements, the colors, the emotional, the facial emotions in the dancers. Their strengths and their bodies, it was beautiful in many different aspects. By visual, by emotional, by passion, by their technicalities—It’s incredible!

“I think that they have clearly defined that [beauty of divine beings dancing] through execution of all those dances, and again, keeping true to the tradition, their classicality.”