Chinese Show-Goers Proud to See Authentic Chinese Culture at Shen Yun

January 14, 2014

HAMILTON, Canada—Shen Yun Performing Arts World Company completed its final performance at Hamilton Place Theatre on Jan. 12, leaving the audience in amazement of the essence of China’s divine culture, portrayed through exquisite dances, costumes, animated backgrounds, and beautiful music.

Among the audience giving warm applause were many immigrants of Chinese heritage, some of whom noted that Shen Yun provides a wonderful opportunity for teaching children about traditional culture.

“This performance was very good. I hope that it can play in more cities,” said Ms. Zhang, who came from China three years ago.

“This is traditional Chinese culture. Even though we have not been here [in Canada] for very long, I am greatly moved, stunned!”

“The integration of advanced technology and classical Chinese dance is truly eye-opening,” she added. “I have never seen something like this before. This is wonderful!”

Jenny, Ms. Zhang’s 11-year-old daughter, looked both happy and excited. “I think the performance is magnificent,” she said.

Jenny used to take lessons in Chinese martial arts, and now she is learning how to play the zither and violin. She said she once thought about learning classical Chinese dance as well.

As for the dances she saw on stage, she said, “The dancers danced so beautifully.”

While commenting on the beauty of the dances, Jenny was so excited that she started imitating some of the dance movements.

Noting that her daughter was mesmerized by the dances, Ms. Zhang added that, seeing Shen Yun promoting traditional Chinese culture, “As a Chinese, I feel very proud.”

“I saw many non-Chinese people in the audience who were very moved and were enjoying the performance very much,” she said.

She said she will definitely come again, because after moving overseas, it is even more important to put emphasis on educating her children about traditional culture.

Rare, Unforgettable Experience

Henry is an immigrant from southern China who has attended Shen Yun’s performances several years in a row.

He said strong nostalgic feelings of missing home arise in his heart as soon as the music begins, and that every time he watches Shen Yun, he has a feeling that it is an unforgettable experience, that he will remember it for the rest of his life.

“I can see the effort that Shen Yun is making to promote traditional Chinese culture. This kind of performance cannot be seen anywhere else,” Henry said.

In particular, this year he noted that an energetic dance with male dancers really stood out for him.

“I liked the very last performance with the male dancers. The dance was fast-paced, and the dancers were very masculine. A great performance.”

Ms. Cao is an engineer originally from northern China who expressed that she was deeply stunned by the Shen Yun performance, and that as someone who is Chinese she felt both pride and affection in her heart.

She noted that the value of a Shen Yun performance absolutely far outweighs the cost of the tickets, considering the large-scale stage production.

“It is my first time watching [Shen Yun]. It is great to have this opportunity. It is not possible to see a performance of this high calibre in mainland [China],” Ms. Cao said.

She said she came to the show after her daughter saw the elegant photos on the Shen Yun flyers and urged her to get tickets.

Her daughter especially liked the picture of the female dancer performing a flying leap in a beautiful classical Chinese dress.

“Shen Yun is a manifestation of ancient Chinese culture,” Ms. Cao said. “It is a very good educational opportunity for children.”

She added, “After so many years, I feel very excited to be able to see such a high-quality performance [of Chinese culture] overseas. It is rare. I am very grateful.”

‘Very Special, Very Good’

Mr. Zeng, an immigrant from China who is studying at university in Canada, said that watching Shen Yun is great enjoyment.

He said that even though Shen Yun is a performance of Chinese culture, “yet Western audience members applauded enthusiastically, and even cheered. I think Chinese people have something outstanding [to be proud of].”

Considering himself as someone from the generation that grew up in “a cultural desert,” (meaning that he was raised following the systematic destruction of traditional Chinese culture by the communist regime), Mr. Zeng said he had a very limited understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

However, after watching the Shen Yun performance, he “felt it was very special, very good, and the dances were very unique.”

Mr. Zheng was accompanied by his girlfriend, Ms. Shi, originally from China’s Fujian Province.

This was their first time attending a Shen Yun performance, Ms. Shi said.

The couple both marvelled at the performers’ costumes. “Very beautiful, with a classic flavour, very appealing,” said Ms. Shi.

Among the audience were another Ms. Shi and her boyfriend who considered Shen Yun’s challenging movements a real eye-opener.

“This is our first time to see Shen Yun. I enjoyed the most the aerial movements such as the tumbling techniques that require a high level of skill,” Ms. Shi said.

“My eyes were glued to the performance. And because my seat was very near the stage, I was able to see very clearly,” she added.

Reporting by Zhou Xing, Li Jia, Teng Dongyu, Frank Fang, and Amy Lien

New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts has four touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world. Shen Yun’s World Company will continue on to Mississauga for five performances starting on Thursday. For more information, visit

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