Chili Mania at Zeppelin Hall

Annual Chili Mania comes to Jersey City’s spacious German beer garden, Zeppelin Hall, turning on the heat with 13 types of chili dishes. The gamut runs from the classic, like the Four Alarm Chili (ground beef, Fresno chilies, chipotle peppers, six different kinds of chili powder, and kidney beans) to the Route 666 Ten Alarm Chili, which requires a signed waiver before you take your first bite.

The menu also features Texas Elk Chili, Octopus and Shrimp Chili Nachos, Chocolate Chili, Alligator Chili Tacos, and Wagyu beef hot dogs topped with Wagyu chili.

Elk chilli. (Zeppelin Hall)

Zeppelin Hall
88 Liberty View Dr.
Jersey City, N.J.